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  • Myrobalan - Seashell Necklace
  • $4,340.00
    The Myrobalan is a gorgeous necklace, one of a kindNine seashells of different sizes are connected to each other as a linksAnd at the end they are connected to a loops gold chainThis necklace will give your neck a spectacular lookNo one can ignore youAnd for you, this necklace will give a sense of peace and calmConnecting to the ocean,...
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  • Cypress - Sapphire Multisone ring
  • $1,530.00
    The Cypress is a special olorful ringFive fine thin wires curl next to each other, become one at the bottom And among them five bright little sapphiresThis ring will give you a special lookIt will upgrade your outfitAnd you'll feel how the sapphires bring you a nice blue color to life   Details: Width from top: 15 mm At the bottom: 5.5 mm...
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  • Maple - Gold Hoop Earrings
  • $1,460.00
    The maple is a large gold hoop earrings, very uniqueTwisted strap, that curves into a hoop, shiny and very impressiveThis hoop will give you a special lookThis movement will bring you a lot of joyYou will feel how everything is possible when you trust yourselfAnd you will feel confident in yourself   Details Hoop width: 4 mm Hoop diameter: 38 mm...
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  • Monstera - Seashell Ring
  • $1,440.00
    The Monstera is a beautiful ring, a ring from the ocean A delicate ring with three different sizes of seashells at its topThis ring will take you to the beachTo the air, to the smell, you will feel how the wind caresses you And that will give you energies for the whole dayYou will feel beautiful and happy   Details Ring width:...
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  • Marjoram - Seashell Gold Earrings
  • $2,000.00
    The Marjoram is a long stud earrings, very impressiveThree wires connected together in different lengthsAnd from each end comes out a seashell, of different sizesWith a butterfly bracket at the backThese earrings will take you to the beachWhen you will wear them you will feel specialYou will feel how all the air and calm of the ocean surrounds youAnd that...
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  • Dittrichia - Stackable Bracelet
  • $7,600.00
    The Dittrichia is an impressive bangle bracelet, a bracelet that everyone noticesTen fine and delicate Gold Bracelet with a gentle hammeredAttached together to a rectangular strip with shiny OpalAnd in it they spinning around, always in motionThis movement on your hand will give you full of positive energyIt will help you connect to yourself and your desiresYou will feel so special and happy     ...
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Would you like to smile all day? My jewelry will make you smile, will make you feel more beautiful, more confident in yourself. When you smile the world smiles back at you. My name is Talya and I love to make people happy with jewelry My jewelry inspired by nature Because in the sea in the fields, in nature there is always liveliness, flowering and flow And this is what I convey in my jewelry - live, love yourself, be happy, smile! So love yourself and choose the perfect look for you from my jewelry You will feel it when you wear my jewelry on your body You will feel alive, you will feel young, you will be happy! And you will receive customer service and a friend for lifetime :-)