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 So.. How to Match earrings to the interior structure? lets begin..


1. If you have a round face

We recommend to create balance, it is best to wear long and narrow earrings that  will create the illusion of a longer structure, even those with angles that will break    the round look

We recommend avoiding hoops, small button / pearl earrings that may create a      bigger and rounder face.

Round face earrings example




2. If you have an oval face

Oval is considered the ideal interior structure,

since it is very balanced. Therefore all types of earrings can fit

Oval face earrings example



3. If you have a square face

To soften the sharp angles in the jaw,

We recommend using something more round like hoops

And if we do not want to emphasize the jaw line

it is better to have an earrings that is

shorter or longer than the jaw line.

Square face earrings example


4. If you have a long face

These faces are longer than wide and in order to balance we want to add a little width and without emphasizing the length.

That's why I recommend the chandeliers, hoops and everything that adds volume. Although it is better not to be long and narrow

Long face earrings example



5. If you have a face in reverse triangle structure / heart

In this structure, the forehead is wide and the jaw is pointed and narrow

And to create a balance, I recommend something round, oval, or something A-shaped over something pointed, or pointed towards it.

Face in reverse triangle structure / heart earrings example 



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