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    • Myrobalan - Statement Ring
    • $1,200.00
      Myrobalan is a Mysterious ring, Curving and twisting branches within each otherFrom different directions and with different textures and one special leafThis ring is fascinatingAnd it will give you strength and mysteriousNo one can ignore your presence     Details The width from top: 16 mm At the bottom: 4 mm The ring can be ordered in any size in 14k Yellow GoldThe...
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    • Monstera - Seashell Ring
    • $1,080.00
      The Monstera is a beautiful ring, a ring from the ocean A delicate ring with three different sizes of seashells at its topThis ring will take you to the beachTo the air, to the smell, you will feel how the wind caresses you And that will give you energies for the whole dayYou will feel beautiful and happy   Details Ring width:...
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    • Aloes - Cross Gold Ring
    • $760.00
      The Aloes is a Cross Ring, a holy ring A shiny hammered strip and on top a beautiful cross with a unique texture The cross ring gently fits on your finger Very comfortable and gives a sense of pleasantness, you will feel blessed with a lot of positive thoughts   Details: Ring width: 2.5 mm Cross size: 18/10 mm The...
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    • Egret - Wedding Ring
    • $660.00
      The Egret is a very delicate wedding ringThin wires curl next to each otherLike the flow of waves in the seaYou will feel relaxed and connected to yourself   Details Width from top: 11 mm At the bottom: 6.5 mm The ring can be ordered in any size in 14k Yellow Gold SolidThe ring is custom made especially for youPlease...
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    • Haridra - Aquamarine Ring
    • $1,400.00
      The Haridra is a gorgeous Aquamarine ring, gold ring, 14K. very special At the bottom is a thin ring, and at the top it becomes a bush of thin branchesDelicate branches curved into each other, and among them bloomingA beautiful Aquamarine in oval shapeYou will feel how this ring makes you shineYou will get a lot of power to succeed whatever...
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    • Tumeric - Leaves Ring
    • $960.00
      The Turmeric is exceptional unique ringA thin, delicate ring that connects at two endsLike a stalk and at one end of it bloom two leaves with a unique textureThis ring is very comfortable on the finger, giving a feeling of pleasantnessThe leaves will caressing you, and you will feel protectedYou will feel the positive energies around youAnd it will make you very...
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    • Jessamine - Leaves Ring, Pearls & Morganite
    • $1,000.00
      The Jassamine is a beautiful morganite ring, gemstones ring, pearl ring , 14k gold ring. A band that splits into four stems with a leaf at each endAmong them are sparkling Morganite and two gorgeous white pearlsLike a beautiful bouquet of flowers blooming on your handYou'll feel how happiness comes into your heartPeace and tranquility will accompany you every day  ...
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    • Tinospora - Leaf Ring
    • $1,380.00
      The Tinospora is a statement ring, With a lot of presence A band that makes to one large leaf with a unique textureYou will feel how this ring wraps you in warmth and loveYou can't stop looking at your hand, and also everyone else around youYou will feel how this ring gives you the power to do whatever you wantEverything is possible, and...
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    • Mint - Statement Ring
    • $1,100.00
      The Mint is an impressive ring, very unique and unusualA ring that splits into two thin ringsAnd between them five geometric shapes, smooth and shinyEach part will remind you of something in your lifeYou look back and be proud of yourselfThen you look ahead and believe in yourselfYou will get everything you want, anything is possible       Details Ring...
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    • Verbena - Star Of David Ring
    • $680.00
      The Verbena is a holy ring, you will feel it when you wear itA delicate ring with a unique texture and above a beautiful shiny Star Of DavidYou will feel very unique, very connected to yourselfThis ring will always remind you to think about yourself and of positive thoughts     Details Ring width: 1.9 mm Star size: 13 mm...
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    • Vervain - Sapphire Ring
    • $900.00
      The Vervain is a unique ring with a different lookA ring that splits into three circular wires, round lines with two texturesAnd in the middle a small coin with a beautiful little SapphireLike an eye guarding you, and transfer positive energy to youYou will feel connected to yourself with a lot of inner strength   Details Ring width bottom: 3...
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    • Valerian - Opal Ring
    • $1,000.00
      The Valerian is an impressive ring, an eye-catching ringA delicate ring, with curved straps at the topWrap a beautiful opal, like a gift boxThis ring will sparkle your eyes all the timeYou will feel that you are committed to yourselfTo your desires, to your loves, to everything that makes you feel good   Details Ring width: 3 mm Top size: 15 mm...
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