• Agrimony - Pearl Ring
    • $1,120.00
      The Agrimony is a delicate pearl gold ringGentle wires that create a special petals and a pearl that blooms from them High quality round pearl, You will feel the nature and the ocean togetherYou will feel blessed   Details  The width ring: 2 mm The flower size from top: 17 mm Pearl size: 8 mm The pearl can be ordered in white,...
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    • Alexandrian - Pearls Silver Cuff
    • $350.00
      The Alexandrian is a gorgeous silver cuff bracelet, very uniqueFive branches revolve your hand, twisting in all kinds of directionsIncluding three flowers with a white pearlNobody can miss this bracelet, when you'll wear it , everyone will notice youYou will feel special and uniqueThe flowers will give you a sense of growth and a fresh startYou will believe in yourself   Details...
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    • Aloes - Cross Gold Ring
    • $760.00
      The Aloes is a Cross Ring, a holy ring A shiny hammered strip and on top a beautiful cross with a unique texture The cross ring gently fits on your finger Very comfortable and gives a sense of pleasantness, you will feel blessed with a lot of positive thoughts   Details: Ring width: 2.5 mm Cross size: 18/10 mm The...
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    • Amaranth - Pearl Pendant
    • $840.00
      The Amaranth is a delicate pendant with a pearlDelicate curvy strap, creates a drop shapeAnd in the center a beautiful white pearlThere is so much peace and gentleness in this pendantYou will wear it and feel all the positive energiesPeople will feel the serenity in youYou receive the pendant with a delicate gold chain   Details Pendant size: 30/17 mm...
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    • Anise - Emerald  Ring
    • $1,600.00
      The Anise is a royal ring ,Like twisting branches that go high up And from above a beautiful Emerald in high quality like a flowerThis ring will make you feel lovedYou can't stop looking at it and everyone will notice youA special gift for your loved one     Details The ring becomes narrower at the bottom Width from top:...
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    • Aralia - Statement Ring
    • $1,300.00
      The Aralia is a special ring with a lot of powerRounded strips with different thicknesses and texturesCreates a sense of flowThis ring will make you original and dissipate positive energiesYou will feel it      Details Width ring from top: 13 mm From the bottom: 5 mm The ring can be ordered in any size in 14k Yellow Gold SolidThe ring is...
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    • Argula - Calla Lily Pendant
    • $820.00
      The Argula is a leaf pendant in shape of Calla LilyThis pendant will make you smile every time you will wear itThe flow of the leaf with the stem, And from the leaf a white drop pearl flourishingYou will feel happy and shineYou receive the pendant with a delicate gold chain   Details Leaf size:  24/15 mmPendant length: 38 mm Pearl size: 8/6...
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    • Aster - Sapphire,  Promise, Engagement Ring
    • $1,200.00
      The Aster is a special promise ring with blue lightA band that on the top becomes to thin delicate branchesAnd from the branches a beautiful Sapphire bloomsA unique ring that will make you feel special and beautifulA special gift for your loved one   Details Width From Top: 11 mm From the bottom: 6 mm Sapphire size: 5 mm You can...
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    • Azalea - Adjustable Gold Ring
    • $1,340.00
      The Azalea is an open ring - a wide strip wrapped around your fingerComfortably with two types of texturesWith open edges it will make you feel like time is never ends   Details Thickness strip: 2 mm Ring width from the top: 1.5 cm The ring can be ordered in any size in 14k Yellow Gold SolidThe ring is custom made especially for...
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    • Barabados - Pearl Ring
    • $1,400.00
      The Barabados is a unique pearl ring that will give you PeacefulRound branches with textures wrap a large round pearl inside themSo comfortable on your finger and make you feel comfortable with yourself Details The ring width from top: 21 mm From the bottom: 3.5 mm The height: about 12 mm Pearl size: 10 mm The ring can be ordered in white or...
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    • Begonia - Chandelier Earrings
    • $1,100.00
      The Begonia is a unique earrings, one of a kindThe earrings shaped as a drop leaf ,A sparkling little leaf hugs your earAnd from it swinging leaves that form one large drop leaf embracing a beautiful TourmalineThe look you will get with these earrings will be amazing And you will feel itYou will feel full of warmth and love ,and everyone will notice...
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    • Betony - Hoop Earrings
    • $980.00
      The Betony is a delicate hoop earrings, a thin delicate stalk that gently twists from the ear and from it bloom three Aquamarines and a small leafWill give you a delicate and flowery lookYou will feel special       Details The Thickness: 1.5 mm Length from the ear: 30 mm Aquamarine size: 3 mm Leaf size: 8/4 mm You can ask...
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