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    • Maple - Gold Hoop Earrings
    • $1,460.00
      The maple is a large gold hoop earrings, very uniqueTwisted strap, that curves into a hoop, shiny and very impressiveThis hoop will give you a special lookThis movement will bring you a lot of joyYou will feel how everything is possible when you trust yourselfAnd you will feel confident in yourself   Details Hoop width: 4 mm Hoop diameter: 38 mm...
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    • Marjoram - Seashell Gold Earrings
    • $2,000.00
      The Marjoram is a long stud earrings, very impressiveThree wires connected together in different lengthsAnd from each end comes out a seashell, of different sizesWith a butterfly bracket at the backThese earrings will take you to the beachWhen you will wear them you will feel specialYou will feel how all the air and calm of the ocean surrounds youAnd that...
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    • Hyacinth - Pearls Earrings
    • $930.00
      The Hyacinth is a unique pearls earrings,  dangle earringsIt's a cone woven from thin stems, that holds a beautiful pearl in the shape of a drop, swinging on a delicate thin hoop bracketThese earrings are very romanticWill give you an elegant and unique lookYou will feel glamorous and beautiful, it will make you smile all dayThe earrings are also suitable for...
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    • Cranberry - Leaf Earrings
    • $1,650.00
      The Cranberry is an impressive dangle earringsA big long leaf with a beautiful texture swinging on a delicate bracketYou will feel that nature revolves around youYou will feel that everything is so simple and pleasantEverything is wonderful when you think of everything in a positive wayWear these earrings and you will feel it   Details Leaf size: 48/14 mm Earrings length: 58...
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    • Mallow - Moonstone Earrings
    • $1,330.00
      The Mallow is a special  earrings, very romanticA delicate oval frame with two flowers with different texturesEmbracing a beautiful Moonstone inside, With a special hoop bracketThese earrings will make you specialThe flowers and the moonstone created a bloom around youYou will feel how good things happenWhen you think positive thoughts   Details Earrings size: 23/15 mm Earrings length: 33 mm Moonstone size:...
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    • Ginger - Aquamarine Earrings
    • $1,700.00
      The Ginger is a gold 14K dangle earrings, very uniqueThin branches curved into each other, forming an oval shapeAnd inside them a beautiful and shiny AquamarineThe earrings swings on a special hoop bracketThese earrings are like a flowering fruit bushWill decorate your look and make you feel glamorous and connected to natureYou will feel the positive energies inside of you   Details Earrings...
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    • Valerian - Chandelier Earrings
    • $1,840.00
      The Valerian is an elegant earrings, very specialTwo parts, little oval stud and swinging from it a larger amorphous ovalWith unique texture and delicate thin frame aroundOnce you wear this earring you will feel special and glowingThese earrings will give you lightEveryone will notice you and you will feel strong and loved   Details Little oval size: 12/9 mm Big oval...
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    • Mullein - Hoop Earrings
    • $740.00
      The Mullein is a small gold hoop earringsA small, delicate hoop with a unique hammeredWhen you want to feel free and beautifulFeel the air around you and take a deep breath...it's for you   Details Width hoop: 5 mm The height from the ear: 12 mm The earrings is 14k Yellow Gold SolidThe earrings is custom made especially for youPlease give us 3-5...
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    • Begonia - Chandelier Earrings
    • $1,460.00
      The Begonia is a unique earrings, one of a kindThe earrings shaped as a drop leaf ,A sparkling little leaf hugs your earAnd from it swinging leaves that form one large drop leaf embracing a beautiful TourmalineThe look you will get with these earrings will be amazing And you will feel itYou will feel full of warmth and love ,and everyone will notice...
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    • Betony - Hoop Earrings
    • $1,300.00
      The Betony is a delicate hoop earrings, a thin delicate stalk that gently twists from the ear and from it bloom three Aquamarines and a small leafWill give you a delicate and flowery lookYou will feel special       Details The Thickness: 1.5 mm Length from the ear: 30 mm Aquamarine size: 3 mm Leaf size: 8/4 mm You can ask...
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