The Personalized Jewelry Collection

Our personalised jewelry will elevate your look to one that is both unique and stylish 

Your own letters of your name close to your heart create the perfect feeling for everyday. 

Let us help you to express your style and identity!

    • Sunflower - Initial Gold Necklace
    • $1,300.00
      The Sunflower is a unique gold Personalized Necklace, 14K Gold  Solid on a delicate gold chain a very special letter with a branches texture And at the end of the letter, a beautiful leaf flower blossoms This necklace will give you strength and confidenceYou will feel the nature close to your heartAnd you will be filled with positive energy and lots...
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    • Tulip -  Initial Gold Ring
    • $880.00
      The Tulip is a unique Personalized ring, one of a kindLike a stalk with a delicate and beautiful leaf at one end and the letter of your name at the otherDelicate letter with a unique texture, your finger will sparkleYou will feel the positive energies coming from itAnd no one will be happier than you (You can see the letter you...
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    • Rose - Initial Gold Necklace
    • $720.00
        The rose is a small gold letter pendant with a unique textureOne of a kind of Personalized pendant Beautiful gift for your lovers and for yourselfWhen your letter name is close to your heart it will protect you and make you smile all day long, you will feel specialYou will receive the pendant with a delicate rope gold chainSuitable also for...
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    • Narcissus -  Initial Bracelet Cuff
    • $2,240.00
      The Narcissus is an amazing personalized name bracelet, a delicate adjustable cuff with two shiny Aquamarine in both ends will make your hand special and shiningAnd above the bracelet a big letter of your name with a unique texture and a delicate leaf, you will feel the nature in the airWill make you feel more beautiful and more confident in yourselfA unique gift for your...
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