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    • Hawthorn - Black Pearls Gold Ring
    • $1,540.00
      The Hawthorn is an amazing ringFour rings that turn into one at the bottomAnd between five black pearlsLike a pearl bush that will decorate your fingerYou will feel better than everThe pearls will give you peace and quiet and will brighten your day   Details: Ring bottom width: Width at top: Pearls size: The pearl can be ordered in white, black...
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    • Jessamine - Leaves Ring, Pearls & Morganite
    • $2,000.00
      The Jassamine is a beautiful morganite ring, gemstones ring, pearl ring , 14k gold ring. A band that splits into four stems with a leaf at each endAmong them are sparkling Morganite and two gorgeous white pearlsLike a beautiful bouquet of flowers blooming on your handYou'll feel how happiness comes into your heartPeace and tranquility will accompany you every day  ...
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    • Hibiscus - Pearl Ring
    • $1,460.00
      The Hibiscus is a special gold ring, a delicate pearl ring with a large bowl with a unique texture and inside it a little bowl with a delicate elegant pearlLike a pearl in a clamshell, will make your hand so elegantYou will feel so special and unique, it will make you happy       Details Ring width: 2 mm Large...
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    • Dittany - Pearl Ring
    • $1,520.00
      The Dittany is a shiny Pearl Ring that will make you shine all dayA large, beautiful shell-shaped bowl with a unique textureAnd inside the shell an amazing pearl, and all this on a classic bandYou will feel the beach every day, this lovely ring will give you peace and quiet   Details Ring width: 4 mm Bowl size: 20 mm Pearl...
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    • Ophrys - Large Pearl Engagement Ring
    • $1,170.00
      The Ophrys is a royal ring, very unique and elegantA very large beautiful pearl, The pearl holds many small delicate leavesAround the pearl, over a thin delicate ring with a stalk textureLike a flower blooming in the gardenThe ring will give you an elegant look and you will feel how you are filled with plenty of calm and you will love...
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    • Agrimony - Pearl Ring
    • $1,490.00
      The Agrimony is a delicate pearl gold ringGentle wires that create a special petals and a pearl that blooms from them High quality round pearl, You will feel the nature and the ocean togetherYou will feel blessed   Details  The width ring: 2 mm The flower size from top: 17 mm Pearl size: 8 mm The pearl can be ordered in white,...
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    • Barabados - Pearl Ring
    • $1,860.00
      The Barabados is a unique pearl ring that will give you PeacefulRound branches with textures wrap a large round pearl inside themSo comfortable on your finger and make you feel comfortable with yourself Details The ring width from top: 21 mm From the bottom: 3.5 mm The height: about 12 mm Pearl size: 10 mm The ring can be ordered in white or...
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    • Lily - Calla Lily Pearl Ring
    • $1,120.00
      The Lily is an adjustable gold ring - its a branch that goes around your finger A delicate branch and in its edge a beautiful Calla lily leaf with drop-shaped pearl in high quality A very unique ring ,you will feel the happiness around you And You will smile everyday   Details The branch width: 1.8 mm The leaf size: 22/12 mm...
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