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    • Tinnevelly - Silver Ring
    • $137.00
      The Tinnevelly is a very unique silver ringSterling Silver Sculptured Ring Large circle sculptured straps crisscrossed Bright and shinyThis ring everyone notices, it has a lot of presenceYou will feel how she gives a sense of pleasantness and calm   Details Ring width: 5 mm Circle size: 26 mm The ring can be ordered in any size in Sterling Silver 925 SolidThe...
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    • Nettle - Spiral Silver Ring
    • $190.00
      The Nettle is an open ring - a wide strip wrapped around your finger And among them four gemstones Rose Quartzs & MoonstoneComfortably with two types of texturesWith open edges it will make you feel like time is never ends   Details Thickness strip: 2 mm Ring width from the top: 1.5 cm Stones size: 8 mm 6 mm 5 mm You...
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    • Spirulina - Gemstones Silver Ring
    • $140.00
      The Spirulina is an unique ring, silver ring, stackable silver ring With three gemstones - Amethyst Blue Topaz & PeridotLike four arms that hug you, and at each end is a sparkling leafYou will feel embraced and protectedThis ring make a sense of peace and calm   Details The width strips: 1.8 mm At the bottom: 5 mm Stones size: 5 mm You...
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    • Bramble - Mother Of Pearl Ring
    • $130.00
      The Bramble is an impressive Silver Ring For Women, it is impossible not to notice A ring with four stems with leaf in the edge, Wrap a large mother of pearlspectacular in its beautyWith this ring you will be the center wherever you will beYou will feel happy and confident in yourselfAnd a lot of positive energy will come into your heart   Details Ring bottom width: 5...
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    • Alexandrian - Pearls Silver Cuff
    • $430.00
      The Alexandrian is a gorgeous silver cuff bracelet, very uniqueFive branches revolve your hand, twisting in all kinds of directionsIncluding three flowers with a white pearlNobody can miss this bracelet, when you'll wear it , everyone will notice youYou will feel special and uniqueThe flowers will give you a sense of growth and a fresh startYou will believe in yourself   Details...
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    • Bloodroot - Blue Topaz Silver Ring
    • $150.00
      The Bloodroot is an extraordinary ring that will make you feel so specialLots of thin and delicate branches, Gently twisting one inside the otherAnd hold three Blue Topaz inside themLike a tree with fruit, you will feel blessedThis ring will give you strength every day   Details The ring become narrow in the bottom Width from top: 17 mm At the bottom: 4.5 mm...
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    • Smallage - Pearl Silver Ring
    • $130.00
      The Smallage is a unique pearl ring that will give you PeacefulRound branches with textures wrap a large round pink pearl inside themSo comfortable on your finger and make you feel comfortable with yourself Details The ring width from top: 21 mm From the bottom: 3.5 mm The height: about 12 mm Pearl size: 10 mm The ring can be ordered in white...
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    • Gladyola - Links Silver Bracelet
    • $420.00
      The Gladyola is an amazing bracelet, very specialFlat loops with unique texture, Fitting one after the other perfectly on the handThe movement of the bracelet on the hand gives a pleasant and relaxing feelingIt will encourage you that anything is possibleThis bracelet will make you unique and glamorousEveryone will notice you and you will feel beautiful   Details Loop Size: 23 mm...
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    • Comfrey - Garnets Silver Ring
    • $130.00
      The Comfrey is an impressive Garnet ring, sterling silver , multi stone ring, You can not stop looking at itLike a pile of branches winding one inside the otherThe branches are gently rounded and hold five precious stones- Garnets within themLike a tree with beautiful fruitsThis ring will give you plenty of happiness and joy for your soulYou will feel blessed   Details Ring...
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    • Jambol - Silver Garnet Ring
    • $117.00
      The Jambol is a stunning ring,  promise ring, one of a kindA delicate ring and at its top a bouquet of leaves and branchesThat create a crown that will give you a royal lookAnd from this crown a large Garnet blossomsYou will feel special and full of energies You can't stop looking at your handAnd anyone around you can not ignore youA special...
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    • Stevia -  Silver Flowers Bracelet
    • $250.00
      The Stevia is an amazing links sterling silver braceletA delicate roses combined with Amethyst like a rose bush around your handThe look of your hand will be so glamorousThat you will smell the roses everywhereAnd you will feel glamorous and shiny   Details Rose Size: 8 mm Amethyst size: 5 mm You can ask us for different stones The bracelet can be ordered in any length in sterling silver...
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    • Orchid - Silver Cuff Bracelet
    • $290.00
      The Orchid is an amazing cuff bracelet, will make your hand shineRounded branches twisting one inside the otherCreating a perfect look on your handYou will feel special, you will feel connected to natureNo one can ignore you when this bracelet is on your hand   Details Cuff width: 19-23 mm Cuff size: 7.5-9 inches Adjustable The bracelet iSterling Silver 925 solidThe bracelet is custom...
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