The Leaves Collection

Our collection of leaves will make you feel special every day

Their connection with the nature around you will make you feel calm and peaceful

Let us make you shine, be happy and beautiful!

    • Lily - Calla Lily Pearl Ring
    • $1,120.00
      The Lily is an adjustable gold ring - its a branch that goes around your finger A delicate branch and in its edge a beautiful Calla lily leaf with drop-shaped pearl in high quality A very unique ring ,you will feel the happiness around you And You will smile everyday   Details The branch width: 1.8 mm The leaf size: 22/12 mm...
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    • Laburnum - Leaves Necklace
    • $3,220.00
      The laburnum is gorgeous  leaves necklace, Gold Necklace. very specialOn a delicate loops chain swinging twenty small, delicate leaves in three shapes and sizesThis necklace will make you feel connected to natureThe leaves that move around your neck will make you calm and peacefulThey will decorate you and make you shine, happy and beautifulAnd everyone will notice you   Details...
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    • Tumeric - Leaves Ring
    • $1,280.00
      The Turmeric is exceptional unique ringA thin, delicate ring that connects at two endsLike a stalk and at one end of it bloom two leaves with a unique textureThis ring is very comfortable on the finger, giving a feeling of pleasantnessThe leaves will caressing you, and you will feel protectedYou will feel the positive energies around youAnd it will make you very...
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    • Jessamine - Leaves Ring, Pearls & Morganite
    • $2,000.00
      The Jassamine is a beautiful morganite ring, gemstones ring, pearl ring , 14k gold ring. A band that splits into four stems with a leaf at each endAmong them are sparkling Morganite and two gorgeous white pearlsLike a beautiful bouquet of flowers blooming on your handYou'll feel how happiness comes into your heartPeace and tranquility will accompany you every day  ...
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    • Tinospora - Leaf Ring
    • $1,840.00
      The Tinospora is a statement ring, With a lot of presence A band that makes to one large leaf with a unique textureYou will feel how this ring wraps you in warmth and loveYou can't stop looking at your hand, and also everyone else around youYou will feel how this ring gives you the power to do whatever you wantEverything is possible, and...
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    • Cranberry - Leaf Earrings
    • $1,650.00
      The Cranberry is an impressive dangle earringsA big long leaf with a beautiful texture swinging on a delicate bracketYou will feel that nature revolves around youYou will feel that everything is so simple and pleasantEverything is wonderful when you think of everything in a positive wayWear these earrings and you will feel it   Details Leaf size: 48/14 mm Earrings length: 58...
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    • Daisy - Morganite Pendant
    • $1,650.00
      The Daisy is a beautiful pendant, very uniqueTwo leaves that meet together in the form of a dropAlong with fine branches holding a beautiful MorganiteCreates a sense of embrace, You will feel strong and protectedAnd the glamorous Morganite will make everyone pay attention to youYou receive the pendant with a delicate gold chain   Details Pendant size: 30/24 mm Morganite...
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    • Lichen - Leaf Pendant
    • $1,140.00
      The Lichen is a delicate romantic gold necklaceA big long leaf with a beautiful texture on a delicate gold chainYou will feel the nature in the air, You will feel so much peace and quiet, as if nature caresses youAnd brings you a lot of positive energy   Details Leaf size: 48/14 mm Chain length: 17.5 inches You can choose the length...
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    • Plmetto - Leaf Pearl Bangle
    • $3,080.00
      The Palmetto is a unique gold bangle bracelet, Gives a beautiful look on your handA delicate stalk is wrapped around your arm, And at its end is a big beautiful leaf of Calla LilyAnd from the leaf comes out a white pearl in the shape of a dropCreates a magical feeling of flowering and renewal, you will feel it inside of youAlso suitable for...
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    • Ophrys - Large Pearl Engagement Ring
    • $1,170.00
      The Ophrys is a royal ring, very unique and elegantA very large beautiful pearl, The pearl holds many small delicate leavesAround the pearl, over a thin delicate ring with a stalk textureLike a flower blooming in the gardenThe ring will give you an elegant look and you will feel how you are filled with plenty of calm and you will love...
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    • Begonia - Chandelier Earrings
    • $1,460.00
      The Begonia is a unique earrings, one of a kindThe earrings shaped as a drop leaf ,A sparkling little leaf hugs your earAnd from it swinging leaves that form one large drop leaf embracing a beautiful TourmalineThe look you will get with these earrings will be amazing And you will feel itYou will feel full of warmth and love ,and everyone will notice...
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    • Betony - Hoop Earrings
    • $1,300.00
      The Betony is a delicate hoop earrings, a thin delicate stalk that gently twists from the ear and from it bloom three Aquamarines and a small leafWill give you a delicate and flowery lookYou will feel special       Details The Thickness: 1.5 mm Length from the ear: 30 mm Aquamarine size: 3 mm Leaf size: 8/4 mm You can ask...
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