The Moonstone Collection

This moonstone jewelry will show the world who you are

It will be like a light to your heart and will make you smile

Let us bring peace and calm to your life

    • Mallow - Moonstone Earrings
    • $1,330.00
      The Mallow is a special  earrings, very romanticA delicate oval frame with two flowers with different texturesEmbracing a beautiful Moonstone inside, With a special hoop bracketThese earrings will make you specialThe flowers and the moonstone created a bloom around youYou will feel how good things happenWhen you think positive thoughts   Details Earrings size: 23/15 mm Earrings length: 33 mm Moonstone size:...
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    • Spurge - Moonstone Pendant
    • $950.00
      The Spurge is a very  gentle pendant, and romanticA delicate oval frame with two flowers with different texturesEmbracing a beautiful Moonstone within them, On a delicate gold chainYou would like to wear this pendant every dayYou will feel blossoming with it, and you will feel how everyone looks at you with love and appreciationYou will feel blessed   Details Pendant size:...
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    • Hollyhock - Moonstone Pendant
    • $1,400.00
      The Hollyhock is a unique pendant, an elegant pendantLarge round Moonstone, surrounded by fine thin wiresThe thin wires in twisting and circular motions create a sense of togethernessYou will feel the warmth of the moonstone and the feeling that you are never aloneYou always have yourself strong and happy, and you'll never forget itYou receive the pendant with a delicate gold chain...
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    • Nosegay - Moonstone Pendant
    • $1,680.00
      The Nosegay is a large pendant very impressiveAn oval frame with flowers all around, embracing a large beautiful MoonstoneThis pendant is like a blossoming fieldYou will feel surrounded by flowers and it will fill you with a lot of joy and peaceAnd lots of positive thoughtsYou receive the pendant with a delicate gold chain   Details Pendant size: 38/25 mm Moonstone...
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    • Mryrtle - Moonstone Bangle
    • $3,960.00
      The Mryrtle is a gorgeous bangle bracelet very unique A gentle strap around your arm that splits into two endsA Beautiful Moonstone wrapped in thin, winding threadsAnd on the other side a shiny circles with an elegent white pearl This bracelet will make you feel connected to yourselfThe Moonstone and the pearl with their elegant look will make you feel beautiful...
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    • Larkspur - Moonstone Pendant
    • $1,200.00
      The Larkspur is a unique  pendant, 14k gold, moonstone pendantOval frame with curved strips and thin threads embrace a beautiful MoonstoneWhen you wear it you will feel wrapped and protectedThis pendant is like a light to your heart, it will make you smileYou receive the pendant with a delicate gold chain   Details Pendant size: 23/15 mm Moonstone size: 12/16mm...
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    • Gastrodia - Moonstone Ring
    • $1,730.00
      The Gastrodia is an impressive Gold Ring For Women, it is impossible not to notice A ring with four stems with leaf in the edge, Wrap a large moonstonespectacular in its beautyWith this ring you will be the center wherever you will beYou will feel happy and confident in yourselfAnd a lot of positive energy will come into your heart   Details Ring bottom width:...
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    • Godetia - Moonstone Ring
    • $1,300.00
      The Godetia is with a lot of presence, A delicate moonstone ring, promise ring, 14k Gold Ring with a unique textureAnd the most prominent thing is the gorgeous MoonstoneLarge rainbow Moonstone that will catch everyone's eyeYou will feel like the moon is in you hands, you feel like a star in everywhere you will go   Details Ring width: 2 mm Moonstone size: 14 mm...
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