Would you like to smile all day?

My jewelry will make you smile, will make you feel more beautiful, more confident in yourself

When you smile the world smiles back at you

I have been a jewelry designer for 25 years and I am responsible for this company. 

My name is Talya and I love to make people happy with jewelry

I’m 46 years old And since I remember myself, I create handmade crafts

My greatest passion is to make you happy with the jewelry I create

And when I get messages from customers all over the world

How happy they are when they received my jewelry

I know I'm fulfilling my destiny in this world

I create my jewelry in my studio in a place called Zichron Ya’acov in Israel

A beautiful place surrounded by a stunning nature next to the sea

My jewelry inspired by nature

Because in the sea in the fields, in nature there is always liveliness, flowering and flow

And this is what I convey in my jewelry - live, love yourself, be happy, smile!

So love yourself and choose the perfect look for you from my jewelry

You will feel it when you wear my jewelry on your body

You will feel alive, you will feel young, you will be happy!

And you will receive customer service and a friend for lifetime :-)